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DETOUR magazine had Max tell all about himself in the September and October 1994 issues. Italian Magazine, LE COLLENZION SPORT & STREET, June 1996, interviewed Max and the All*Star. In April 1997, "W" Magazine "The Hollywood Hills Are Alive" with the "All*Star Café" where the models and night owls head for including LEONARDO DiCAPRIO. In September 1997 BRENTWOOD MAGAZINE, "A Little Paris Comes to Hollywood." David Fisher (Max) is interviewed about his clothing line, House of Fisher. David Fisher states, "Paris is to design, as Hollywood is to glamour, and I want to marry the two into one and create a fashion extravaganza." And, "since most people are mesmerized by Hollywood glamour, why not use these designs to create my own; what could be more glamourous?"


Xenene Cervenka & Extra Fancy
Creative Artist Agency
"Apollo 13"
"J'Appelle Crawford"
Sandra Bullock
"Thursday"- Propaganda Films
Boss Models
Next Models
Danny Masterson ("Roseanne & That 70's Show")
Paul Rudd ("Clueless")
Jess Walton ("Young and the Restless")
Hoffman Entertainment and Travel
MTV's "Road Rules" (2 Parties)
Kelcey Frye
Dennis Hensley (Detour, Movieline)
Weddings, Receptions
Birthday Parties
Wrap Parties
Greg Araki (MTV's "This is How the World Ends")


"Relax It's Just Sex"
"Upstairs Neighbor"

"Brown Eyes, Bad Vibes"


ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: "Haunted Hollywood" (10/97, 10/98,10/99)
KTLA NEWS: CHANNEL 5 with Ted Garcia (10/99)
SCI-FI CHANNEL "SIGHTINGS"-Haunted Knickerbocker (Currently replaying)
ABC IN CONCERT with Vanessa Marcel
UPN CHANNEL 13: "Blind Date"


E! ENTERTAINMENT TV: GOSSIP SHOW with Downtown Julie Brown
E! ENTERTAINMENT TV: MYSTERIES AND SCANDALS with A.J. Benza (January 2000 & Currently replaying)
FOX: FAMOUS FAMILIES - "Sonny & Cher: The Beat Goes On" (1999)
FOX: FAMOUS FAMILIES - "George & Rosemary Clooney" (1999)
FOX: FAMOUS FAMILIES - "Nina Blanchard & George Christy" (1999)
FOX: FAMOUS FAMILIES - "The Windsors" (1999)
TNT: ROUGH CUT with Dennis Richards
TNT: ROUGH CUT with Casper Van Diem
TNT: ROUGH CUT with Freddie Prince Jr.
DISCOVERY CHANNEL: "Haunted Hollywood" (October 28,1999 & Currently replaying)
HISTORY CHANNEL: Haunted History (August 25, 2000 & Currently replaying)
Travel Channel: "Worlds Scariest Places" (2000/2001)
Travel Channel
: "High Class Haunts" (2000/2001)

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Detour Magazine
Christina Ricci
Kristen Johnson
Max & All Star (various scenes 1994-2000)

Ocean Drive

Brett Easton Ellis

Le Collezion- Sport & Street
Max & All Star - 6/1996

W Magazine
Max & Allstar - 4/1997

Brentwood Magazine
Max & All Star - 9/1997

Los Angeles Magazine
Best Haunted Coffehouse - 2 Times

Entertainment Weekly
David Schwimmer
Jessica Hecht

Norman Reedus

Saturday Night Review
Jason Priestly - 1/2001

Other Magazines
Alternative, Soma, Soap Opera Digest, Us, Pavement, FW


"Misadventures in 213"-Novel by DENNIS HENSLEY
Berkeley Guide


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