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All the stars would gather here at the original bar of the Knickerbocker since 1923. It has now been reborn into the ultimate 1920's coffeehouse as the ALL*STAR THEATER CAFÉ & SPEAKEASY.

 VALENTINO would ride his horse down from the Ivar Hills to drink and dance the tango.

 FRANCES FARMER had lived in the hotel, which was mandatory per Paramount. It was this bar that Frances was dragged nude through with only a shower curtain wrapped around her, then subsequently the lobotomy was performed on her. In the 1930's and 1940's it was deemed unbecoming for Paramount to have a strong-willed woman as a movie star, as Frances could not be controlled by the studio chiefs. Thus the lobotomy was performed in an effort to keep her quiet and more under the studio's control. Unfortunately the studio along with her mother had wanted the fame and money of her daughter being a movie star, but in a controlled environment. Sadly enough after the lobotomy, the mother had kept from Frances the official documentation from the mental institution that declared her sane and competent. In the 1950's a woman who lived on Gower had taken care of Frances until her death. See the film; "FRANCES" with Jessica Lange or read Farmer's autobiography. "Will There Really Be a Morning?"

 BESS (HARRIET) HOUDINI, widow of HARRY HOUDINI would conduct seances on the roof of the Knickerbocker in a futile attempt to communicate with her dead magician husband. These bizarre seances would be conducted every year on the anniversary of Houdini's death on Halloween in 1926. Harriet would hold seances until 1936, when she gave up her quest to speak with her husband using the secret code word between them. Each October 30 Max holds his own annual Houdini séance. Every one is welcome.

 In 1962, IRENE, a famous dress designer to the stars, (Marlene Dietrich, "Easter Parade", "Gas Light", etc.) leaped to her death from a bathroom window and fell onto the hotel canopy where she went unnoticed for several days. Her suicide note read that she had financial woes with her husband. The note was made out to the hotel guests, and apologized for any inconvenience that her death might cause them. GARY COOPER and her were lovers and she could not accept his death.

 ELVIS PRESLEY used to live in the Knickerbocker Hotel, which was his favorite hotel when he was in Hollywood. Elvis loved this Hotel, and the famous song that Hoyt Axton's mother wrote about it. Yes, ladies and gentleman, this is the "HEARTBREAK HOTEL!" on the Elvis trading cards, the king of rock & roll is pictured on various posses on the hotel beds. Room 1016 was his suite.

 D.W. GRIFFITH had lived on the 10th floor. One day he managed to drag himself downstairs only to collapse dead under the art deco chandelier in the lobby. For your information the chandelier cost $125,000 in the 1920's. Go ahead and peak through the hotel entrance door. Unfortunately he had become an alcoholic. The Hollywood he had created had forgotten about him.

 MARILYN MONROE used to sneak through the back kitchen to and had rendezvous with Joe Dimaggio in this bar. Joe and Marilyn had their honeymoon in this hotel. Their plan of escape was elevator #3 as shown in the clip from "SIGHTINGS".

 WILLIAM FRAWLEY (FRED MERTZ in "I Love Lucy") used to live in this hotel. He would come down every night to have a cracked walnut put in his drink. One day he went out in front of the hotel and dropped dead on the sidewalk.

 The chandeliers in the center of the room are from the kitchen of LIBERACE'S Hollywood mansion. The ice in your glass is from the ice machine LIBERACE kept in his bar. Ice water complements of Lee (LIBERACE).

 In the film, "The Graduate", this is the bar where DUSTIN HOFFMAN would meet Mrs. Robinson (ANNE BANCROFT).


 David Fisher as MAX, who appeared in films in his childhood days, has returned to the silver screen after a long hiatus. You can see him in films like, "The Doors", "Upstairs Neighbor", and "Relax It's Just Sex" with Jennifer Tilly. The later two were shot at the ALL STAR. Max also appears in the music video "Higher Ground" by the group Harliquin's Groove. Again shot at the All Star. Also shot at the All Star, KCET-TV's movie production of "Long Shadows". Max and the ALL STARS have appeared on the "Haunted Knickerbocker" episode of Fox-TV's; SIGHTINGS.

The Max Boutique is now open for your shopping experience. Paris, Milan, Ivar. This tony couture fashion spectacular has been created by David Fisher for HOUSE OF FISHER. Tres recherchez n est pas? Very up to the moment. Max will be launching his own clothing line HOUSE OF FISHER in the fall... Introducing the "GLAMOUR" jewelry line by Christine Fisher for HOUSE OF FISHER; in BLOOMINGDALE'S New York, JENNY JONES SHOW, and at ALL*STAR CAFE. This jewelry line coming to this Web Page Soon for your shopping pleasure.